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  • Oyster Mushrooms

    Many gardeners wonder if it’s possible to grow mushrooms at home. These lovely, enjoyable fungi are typically grown indoors rather than in the garden. But beyond this, growing your own mushrooms is easy – and you can do it any time of the year, too.

    Experienced mushroom growers will tell you that home-grown mushrooms are tastier and more delicious than any mushroom you can buy from the supermarket.

  • What is Lion’s Mane? 

    Lion’s Mane is an ancient mushroom originating from Asia. Its culinary and medicinal uses can be traced back through China, Japan, and India over thousands of years¹. Lion’s Mane has been known by various other names through its ancient history, from “monkey head mushroom” in China to “mountain monk mushroom” in Japan to “bearded tooth” and “pom-pom” mushroom in North America.

    Lion’s Mane is rising through the ranks of its peers because of its wide range of benefits, including supporting a healthy inflammation response and boosting brain function, which makes it a very attractive option for those looking to add a mushroom supplement as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

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